Our Projects

Impacts, Lessons Learned, and Best Practices for Supporting Knowledge Workers Targeted by Online Abuse

For this SSHRC-funded research project, we conducted a scoping review of the literature to understand how to support knowledge workers who are impacted by online abuse. We developed a toolkit for managers, a podcast, a report, and also presented our work through conferences and webinars.

Inoculating an Infodemic: Microlearning interventions for COVID-19 Misinformation

For this CIHR-funded research project, we partnered with Ryerson’s social media lab to understand trends on COVID-19 misinformation and ways that microlearning interventions could potentially help to better deliver important public health information to the people who need it.

Online Harassment as a Barrier to Research Communication: An Intersectional Approach

For this SSHRC-funded research project, we are working with a collaboratory advisory panel to best understand the impact of online harassment among both scholars and science communicators. We are looking at how policies can be made at the organizational level to support researchers in a variety of sectors, and we are taking an intersectional approach to understand how various subject-positions influence the type and degree of harassment that people experience online. This project will be updated here as different stages are completed.

Building Resilience to Misinformation Through Information Design

For this SSHRC-funded research project, we are bringing together scholars from a variety of transdisciplinary backgrounds in order to understand how different disciplines can contribute to an understanding of why misinformation travels the ways that it does. This project will result in the second podcast series produced by our collective – expected in fall 2022.