Our Projects

Online Harassment as a Barrier to Research Communication: An Intersectional Approach
For this SSHRC-funded research project, we are working with a collaboratory advisory panel to best understand the impact of online harassment among both scholars and science communicators. We are looking at how policies can be made at the organizational level to support researchers in a variety of sectors, and we are taking an intersectional approach to understand how various subject-positions influence the type and degree of harassment that people experience online. This project will be updated here as different stages are completed.
Telegram as an Anti-Social Social Media Platform
In this research project, we are working collaboratively with the Social Media Lab to explore Telegram as an anti-social social media platform. Two case studies comprise our efforts to examine the various ways in which Telegram enables anti-social behaviour. First, we are exploring the discursive tropes and rhetorical strategies used to promote the messages in Telegram groups in the US that propagate medical misinformation, anti-vaccine rhetoric, and conspiracy theories. Second, we are examining the role and nature of violence in the formation and sustainment of social networks in Colombia.